Sunday, January 6, 2008

Computer Security is Much Like Paintball

My son and I got a chance to go and play paint ball again this weekend. We were playing some scrimmage matches on different fields (Hyperball, Spool, x-ball and the wood cross) and I was trying some new tactics, some times they failed and sometimes the succeeded. Different tactics, work against different teams, different numbers, or with different markers. Which got me thinking, how often do we change our tactics on protecting out computers and data? The Virus, Mal-ware and Insider threats are constantly changing.

There are A few different types of Administrators & Security Coordinators. The proactive ones, The passive ones, the reactive ones, and the ones in denial. There are also funding levels which can help or hinder the reactions. Fully funded, Partially funded, justify the cost, underfunded, and no funding.

Over the next few days we will discuss some of the differences and how they can affect your business.

-- Tim Krabec

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Robio said...

Nice blog TK, I'm going to tell my friends in the T.B.I IT department about it. Maybe help them realize that throwing away hardrives in the trash without destroying them is not good practice. Especially in our line of work.