Sunday, March 16, 2008

Would you use Ritalin for a headache?

Probably not. Each drug has it's own purpose, so do different "Anit-" applications. Anti virus programs such as AVG , AVAST, Symantec and McAfee anti viruses are all good at removing viruses. But simply not effective at removing spy ware, Trojans, or ad ware unless they happen function like viruses. Just as getting rid of athletes foot, requires different medicine than controlling ADHD, or even getting rid of a bacterial infection require different medicines.
Removing different types of malware (viruses, spy ware, ad ware and Trojans) require different kinds of software. Much like Ritalin anti virus & anti spy ware should be used all the time. While other programs can be used on an as needed basis. Some programs need only to be run occasionally or when suspicious activity is found.

--Tim Krabec

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