Thursday, April 24, 2008

Hit Man Spam

Spam has evolved over the years. By now most of us are familiar with the Nigerian Email scams of some one needing to funnel several "miloins of doll ares" out of their country, and give you a percentage, just by letting them use your bank account. On Monday Martin McKeay blogged about a Spam scam on being Sued by the Federal government. Now today I see an article in the local paper about a person being targeted by a hit man via email. reports A local Jensen Beach claims he being sought hitman. Something needs to be done to help educate people on spam, and scams in general.

The major difference I have seen between scams and online scams seems to be the amount of scams online, the number of people that can be targeted at once, and the emergence of scams that have more or less been squashed in real life.

-- Tim Krabec

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