Sunday, June 1, 2008

Hurricane Season is here

It is once again time for Hurricane season. Time to dust off the emergency plan or develop one.
Resources: Basic planning for your business, home, & information for the kids A similar site for Floridians, Family, business, & home strengthening.

Backup your data, off-site do this in advance of a storm as it can take a day or more to backup several "Gigs" of data. Or simple copy the information to removable drives and send it with trust worthy employees (encryption is recommended in case the media gets lost or stolen)

Be prepared to work with out power or computers for a few days, or possibly phones and a building, get remote call forwarding on your primary business and fax lines so you can re-route out of state or to a place with working phones, remotely.

Get a supply of water and food for your home and business, be prepared to feed your employees and allow their families to come to work. If you're going to ask them to work after a disaster remember restaurants, and childcare is probably not going to be available.

One Final note, Planning to go out of business is a valid response to a disaster, provided you make the choice before the disaster and you are forced out of business.

-- Tim Krabec

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